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Theta Healing

What Is Theta Healing

Theta Healing is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques. Theta Healing is a meditational process that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator.


The Four Belief Levels

There are four levels of beliefs within a person. Core beliefs are what we are taught and accept from childhood in this life. At genetic level, programmes are carried over from ancestors or are being added to our genes in this life. The historical level concerns memories from past lives or deep genetic memory or collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present. And, the soul level is all that a person is.


Theta Healing Session

A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation, the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of four to seven cycles per second. They hold memories and sensations. They also govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. They are always creative and inspirational and are characterized by very spiritual sensations. We belive this state allows us to act below the level of the conscious mind and we explore the subconscious and the conscious mind.


Many people are ready for instantaneous healing on their body. If the body does not receive instantaneous healing when given the command, there is a subconscious programme blocking it. This programme must be found and changed... Read more about Theta Healing sessions .


Healing is accomplished from a place of unconditional love!



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