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Depression and Alternatives to Antidepressants

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It is generally known that practitioners of conventional medicine too often prescribe psychiatric and antidepressant drugs. Although these medicaments are effective in treating depression, it is even better known for serious side effects. Therefore it is not surprising that many depression sufferers seek alternatives to antidepressants.


depression from a holistic perspective


Depression Alternative Therapies and Cures

There are many types of all-natural depression treatments available, as well as some effective techniques that can help you coming off antidepressants safely and successfully (see: Antidepressant Withdrawal). Researching the multitude of alternative therapies that are available today, we have selected the most effective, 100% natural and safe home remedies, homeopathic cures and self-help techniques. Below you'll find more information on each of them.


biofeedback Biofeedback

This "technology" allows you to explore the mind-body connection. Through biofeedback system you'll learn how to control your negative thoughts and feelings, and your mind and body's natural reactions to situations that trigger these emotions. Learn more about biofeedback.

homeopathy Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are probably the most widely used all-natural medicine for stress, anxiety and depression. There are several anti-anxiety and depression mixtures to consider.

theta healing Theta Healing

If a person is depressed, a good mineral and vitamin supplement may be needed. When in balance, Noradrenalin and Serotonin enable people to react to events in reasonable ways. Learn more about how Theta Healing session looks like.

self hypnosis Self-Hypnosis (Psychotherapy)

By practicing self-hypnosis you'll be able to get rid of anxiety right from where it starts - your unconscious mind. This is one of the most powerful self-healing tools to remove anxiety forever. Follow the link to discover a whole range of Self hypnosis downloads.

anxiety cure Home Remedies

There are some recipes and techniques that can reduce your stress level. Click to learn more about home remedies for stress, anxiety and depression.

yoga Yoga

By practicing Yoga you train both your body as well as your mind, illuminating your spirit at the same time. It improves overall health and well-being. Moreover, there are some Yoga classes especially designed for depression sufferers. Watch the video classes.




A holistic approach to depression.



More calm. Sharper focus. Better sleep.



Depression hypnotherapy.


yoga as an anti depressant

Yoga video classes.


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