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Headache and Migraine Home Remedies

Headache and Migraine Relief

We all know that the easiest way to stop headache pain is to swallow a pill, but over-the-counter medications are pretty ineffective when it comes to migraines. Moreover, why expose the body to potentially risky drugs, various chemicals and potential toxins when there are many effective natural ways to get rid of pain forever.




Headache abd Migraine Home Remedies

Some people prefer pills, so they use natural, organic remedies such as homeopathy. Some others prefer to cure aches and pains with foods, herbs and what can be found at home. Here are some natural headache/migraine relief techniques you can use at your home.

headache migraine Warm - Cold Compress

A short-term changes in temperature can stop headache and migraine. Apply an ice pack to the painful area. You can wrap your head in a cold towel and change it with warm one after a few minutes. A contrast shower, alternate between hot and cold works for some people (avoid extremes - both being whatever your body can handle). Also, some visitors claim that dipping hands in warm water helps somehow. You need to try and figure out what works for you.

ginger for headache Homemade Ginger Juice

Crush fresh ginger (a half-teaspoon), boil with water (or just stir it into a glass of water and leave it at least ten minutes). Drink this ginger juice. You'll notice a significant reduction in pain. Also, you can get a Ginger essential oil, which is used in aromatherapy. Just be sure to get some of the best-quality ones. We suggest you to explore the Amazon's choice. They offer oil blends by several other reputable manufacturers, including NOW, Aura Cacia, Dr. Mecola and so on.

home remedy for migraine and headache Physical Activity

A walk in the fresh air when you feel the onset of migraine is recommended and half-hour walk every day as a preventative solution. However, it also has to be in a healthy way. Learn more about healthy walking... Awakening at the same time each day also helps.


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