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With the recent removal of Celebrex and some other meds from the market, millions of people are searching for an over the counter, all-natural alternative. Fortunatelly, there are many effective arthritis pain relievers available. And they always were there, but modern people forgot to look to mother nature for relief.


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Over the Counter Arthritis Pain Relievers

As you know, we are collecting alternative solutions to medicine. No matter how funny it may seem, it is important that they are all-natural, completely safe, and that really work. Below you'll find such treatments we have found so far. If you have your "secret pain killer", share it and help others!


homeopathy Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are probably the most widely used all-natural medicine for pain relief. They come in different forms, including pills, drops and creams. See homeopathic remedies.

theta healing Theta Healing

People who suffer from arthritis usually think they are always right, they are afraid to depend on somebody, they do not know how to live without a fight and that is possible to get stronger every day and what it feels like to live without fighting everyone and everything. Learn more about how Theta Healing session looks like.

self hypnosis Self Hypnosis

Did you know that you can use your mind for pain relief. Follow the link to discover the power of Self hypnosis.

anxiety cure Home Remedies

A cherry juice is widely known as a joint pain relievers. It maintain healthy joints in a 100% natural way. What health benefits do cherries provide. There are also some other home recepies. Learn about techniques that you can use at your home. List of homemade arthritis pain relievers.


Better Balance, Alignment and Posture: The Soul Insole is great for people experiencing any type of foot, leg, or back pains, as explained in the video below:

Soul InsoleĀ® foot rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice by top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. Learn more about Soul Insole



homeopathic cure for arthritis



arthritis aids and tools

Arthritis aids & tools


natural pain reliever

Natural pain reliever


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