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Fungal Infection and Alternative Remedies

Alternative Medicine for Fungus

A fungus is a primitive organism. They are all around us, in the air, water, soil, on plants, even in the human body. Skin and nail infections are thus very common. But, not all types of fungi are harmful. A weakened immune system is the main cause of fungal infections. There are many natural ways to strengthen your immune system, either by using the methods of alternative medicine or a healthier lifestyle. Some alternative healing techniques, such as Theta Healing , even consider emotional patterns which allow fungus, candida, and parasites to thrive.


Fungal Infection Alternative Remedies

We always recommend our readers to look to Mother Nature for relief. Fortunately, there is an abundance of natural remedies and products that can help in the treatment of fungal infections. We have selected some of the most effective drugs produced by different manufacturers. We do not sell these remedies and preparations, but invite you to consider them.

h-nail-fungus H-Nail Fungus Homeopathic Formula

The H-Nail Fungus is a natural, homeopathic remedy, safe and effective for the symptoms of all types of nail fungus, including: Fingernail Fungus, Toenail Fungus, Dermatophytes, Onychomycosis and Yeast (Candida). It contains pure natural essential oils and free from any harmful chemicals or additives.

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h-athlete foot H-Athletes Foot - All Natural Topical Formula

The H-Athletes Foot is an FDA listed unique topical homeopathic formula, designed to treat athletes foot symptoms at home. Athletes foot blisters, peeling, itching and burning...

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fungal and yeast balance Mycozil - All Natural Yeast & Fungal Cleanser

Formulated by widely recognized Global Healing Center, the Mycozil supports normal fungal and yeast balance. It is an all-natural blend of potent herbs and enzymes that support detoxification of yeast and undesirable fungal organisms.

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funginix Funginix

The Funginix is the best combination of anti-fungal agents, essential oils and fungus-fighting extracts available. It combines a traditional and herbal medicine. So far, there is no other topical toenail fungus treatment created to fight nail fungus that is more effective and complete.

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theta healing Theta Healing

Feelings of dissatisfaction, resentment, resentment to others motivate the fungus for reproduction that is normally found in the humans body. Learn more about how Theta Healing session looks like.



healing natural oil for nail fungus

Healing natural oil



Fungus free forever



Healthy looking nails in a week


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