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How to Get Rid of Halitosis Naturally

Alternative Medicine for Bad Breath

It is a truth that there is no one on the planet who hasn't suffered from bad breath at some point. It could be just temporary issue after lunch, as well as the chronic stage. Whatever the reason, everyone is wondering how to get rid of halitosis permanently. The more thoughtful will look for a natural way to help themselves.


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Natural Way to Cure Halitosis
(Over the Counter treatments)

Recently, we recevied an email from our regular reader and supporter Brent. He've tried acid reflux medications and Thera Breath system which was effective but expensive at the same time. He was using Meridol for awhile until he realized that there must be more natural ways to cure halitosis. The email sparked us to search for more info on treatments and over-the-counter products that can help fight bad breath naturally. Here are some little tips that could be of a big help to you ;-)


homeopathy Natural Remedies

Natural remedies (OTC supplements) are especially formulated products containing 100% natural herbal ingredients to promote not only breath and mouth freshness but to provide complete oral health. Learn more about these products and see the list of available natural treatments.

detox Detoxification

If you have bad breath most likely your body has reached toxic levels. Body cleanse products provide an extremely effective way to cleanse your organs and systems. We recommend The Complete Body Cleanse Program designed by Global Healing Center. It provides a comprehensive full-body cleanse .

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homemade cure Homemade Breath Fresheners

We've collected some of the best homemade breath fresheners. Click to learn more about homemade cures that work.


recommendedThere are some new, interesting products that have been introduced in the last few years. The new devices that can detect does your breath smell good. We have researched a bit about it. Here you can find the portable bad breath detector reviews.



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Prebiotic thoothpaste for fresh breath



Premium oral care


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The worlds smallest breathalyzer


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