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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Home Treatment

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction is associated with the group of muscles in the lower pelvic area. These muscles support the bladder, prostate or uterus, and rectum. Sometimes, these musclues can be too tense or too relaxed, which leads to pelvic floor dysfunction.


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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment Options

Recommended treatment options are mostly applicable at home. Therapy usually combines self-care, physical therapy, home exercise and in some cases natural remedies to treat specific muscle group. A specialized physical therapy known as biofeedback, is proven to be the most effective solution.

biofeedback machine for home use Biofeedback

The system allows users to explore the mind-body connection in real time. It's all about learning to use your mind and body to maximize the quality of your life. However, there are some simplier biofeedback devices specially designed to treat Pelvic Floor dysfunction. One of the most used is the Yarlap Kegel Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser
Learn more about Biofeedback therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction.

yoga Yoga Exercises

Yoga is often used by the people who suffer from pelvic floor disorder as a physical therapy to strengthen the specific muscles. There are some great yoga wall systems designed for pelvic swing.
If you are not on a budget that allows you to invest in a Yoga wall hardware, there is a bit simpler solution. For our visitors, the Yoga Therapist Shy Sayar recorded the instructional video to learn you simple but profoundly effective exercises to address muscular imbalances and correct structural pelvic misalignments.

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self hypnosis Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you release subconscious muscle tension and relax deeply. Listen to this deeply relaxing hypnosis session and recover from pelvic floor dysfunction. Release subconscious tension with self hypnosis in a natural way.

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pelvic-electro Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy medical devices are used to train the muscles of pelvic floor. They help strengthen the muscles in a convenient, affordable, reliable and effective way.

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yoga pelvic swing system


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