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ADHD Self Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

What is Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a self-healing technique widely used for many disorders. It is available in a form of audio, video or written format, usually as MP3 and can be easily downloaded and used immediately.


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ADHD and Self Hypnosis

Like with all alternative healing methods, there is no scientific evidence to support hypnotherapy as a cure for symptoms of ADHD. Rather, self-hypnosis is used to support the process of treatment. It can help you to manage your life and change your negative habits and behaviours. Many therapists believe that ADHD needs to be reigned in and mastered rather than cured or got rid of.


Given that self-hypnosis is widely available over the internet, you should be careful what you download. Not all hypnosis is the same. You should know which hypnotherapists were involved in the project. Below are listed only proven sessions that we collected from highly respected hypnotherapists:

hypnosis downloads Managing ADHD - using your talents deliberately

With over 1/2 million users, the Uncommon Knowledge is the most recognized name in the Self-hypnosis world. Their sessions have been created by Mark Tyrrell (hypnotherapist and trainer since 1995) and Roger Elliott (hypnotherapist and trainer since 1998). The -other team members are Joseph Kao (since 2001) and Kathleen Fedouloff (a hypnotherapist since 1996).

Learn more about the ADHD self-hypnosis session.



adhd hypnosisManage ADHD with self-hypnosis



More calm. Sharper focus. Better sleep.


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