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We are not medical experts, but we are just ordinary people - real users, beneficiaries of alternative natural medicines. We would like to share with you our point of view about this matter. This is not a quest for treatments that scientifically proven to work, but this is based on our own experiences, as well as on articles and reviews shared by the other authors and researchers. We invite you to send us your story and share with others what alternative healing methods you are using. Your findings might help someone to find better solutions for a healthy life.


We try to include a wide range of health conditions and diseases, for which we know that can be cured with natural remedies and alternative treatments. We also do our best to cover all the various types of mind and body healing practices.


Natural Approach to Healing

We want to inspire more people to embrace a natural approach to healing and wellness, to experience more joy and well-being in their lives!


The term Alternative Medicine is used for all sorts of medical treatments that are applied instead of mainstream (conventional) procedures. Although some of them could be used as an aid for a single medical issue, while some of them often as a complementary cure (together with conventional medicine), most of them are based on a holistic approach to human health.


Actually, we don't care which term people use or which system, technique or cure they prefer. The only thing that matters is that it works naturally, without harmful side effects (neither short-term nor long-term). Let's find out together what are the advantages and benefits of alternative medicines.


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Who We Are

This website is NOT maintained by medical experts. We are just a group of ordinary people who want to share their experience in alternative medicine with others.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine includes native remedies and practices used in place of standard medical care. There are many types and different approaches...

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If you have anything to say, say it out loud - Send us your opinion or a cure review. Submit your own article or share your thoughts with us. We will most likely publish it.

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