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All-Natural Cures for Bedwetting

How to Solve Bedwetting Naturally

Although many parents believe that their child suffer from bedwetting, it is a normal behavior among infants and even in 3 years old children. Only after this age it becomes a serious problem that needs solving, especially if it is happening in teenagers or adults.

Some doctors may prescribe various drug treatments to help prevent bedwetting. However, some of these medications have very serious side effects. Most of them offer only short-term results. So, how to solve bedwetting naturally?




Bedwetting Natural Remedies

Generally, bedwetting can be treated with remedies or behavior therapy, or with a combination of these two treatments. There are several all-natural remedies to cure bedwetting. Some suggest chewing the cinnamon bark once a day, drinking pure cranberry juice and other simple solutions. From what we have heard and read, it does not solve the problem. You should rather look for some homeopathic remedies and psychotherapy (behavior therapy). The best results are achieved with Theta Healing, according to our visitors' experiences.


homeopathy Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic remedies contain 100% natural ingredients. The benefit of taking the natural route to curing bedwetting is that it is gentle and 100% safe. Learn more about homeopathy and see the list of available homeopathic cures.

self hypnosis Self-Hypnosis (Psychotherapy)

Even when asleep, your unconscious mind is still 'awake'. You can learn the unconscious mind to stop bed wetting. Learn how.

bedwetting cures Bedwetting Alarms

Clinically effective approach to bedwetting, often recommended by a medical authority. It can be comfortably used by both children and adults. Read more about bedwetting alarms.



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