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Biofeedback As Eating Disorder Treatment

Biofeedback for Eating Disorders

Research indicates that many types of eating disorders are associated with stress and a range of mental disorders (including depression and anxiety disorders). Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, part of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, successfully used IOM biofeedback equipment with software Healing Rhythms by Wild Divine for the treatment and recovery of patients with eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia or compulsive overeating.




Eating Disorder Biofeedback Treatment

As scientifically proven method, Biofeedback therapy can be an effective tehnique that treats severe eating disorders by re-training the mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Studies have shown that biofeedback can effectively treat a number of other conditions as well. Although it used in clinics, IOM biofeedback unit by Wild Divine is specifically designed for personal use at home. There are also some fantastic biofeedback systems by other manufacturers, such as Muse and MindPlace

biofeedback systemKasina Biofeedback System

Although the Kasina is one of the very first products designed by MindPlace, it is so good that it still belongs to the category of best buy biofeedback machines on the market, today. According to many reviews it is far better than competing devices. There are some cheaper devices around, but they are uncomparable with the Kasina DeepVision by quality and abilities. Like the other premium machines, the Kasina DeepVision also consists of hardware parts and software. But, unlike the others, you can get the software per your needs. This is a big advantage. You can create your own sessions or use the 70+ already preset sessions, with more available to download free on their official website. Optionaly you can buy dozens different sessions, even interactive biofeedback games.

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muse Muse

Some of the most popular biofeedback devices come from the Muse brand. They are designed to guide you to a calm mind. With a price below $300, the Muse 2 Headband is their best selling model. It uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds. It provides a real-time brainwave feedback, heart rate and learn you how to use your breath to find calm and fight stress. With Muse 2 Biofeedback +, you would have access to over 500 meditations on stress, sleep, focus & more.

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wild divine Wild Divine Biofeedback system

The Wild Divine system by IOM was one of the most advanced and best biofeedback personal equipment for home use, in opinions of many users and reviewers, for a long time. This was mainly due to software that resembles a computer game very much. However, there is another remarkable biofeedback system appeared on the market in recent years. It takes a place of the best system for home use - the Kasina (see above). Anyway, the Wild Divine plugs into any standard USB port on Mac, PC or lap top computers, and interfaces with software. It comes with a wide range of programs and games for any purpose. The most popular package is the Relaxing Rhythms (includes software and hardware). Follow the link below for more details.

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